QUIROTECH 135, the solution to the shortage of surgical gowns

In the current pandemic, it has been demonstrated that using single-use material to make surgical garments is not a viable solution.

In the midst of this COVID-19 crisis, we are experiencing persistent shortages of sanitary materials, in particular of surgical gowns. It is clearer than ever before that we must commit to replacing single-use garments with ones that can be re-used. It is no longer just a question of profitability and sustainability. It’s a matter of survival.

We present the properties of the Quirotech 135 fabric.

Fabric which complies with the current EN13795 surgical material regulations for the manufacturing of surgical gowns. The fabric has been subjected to 55 wash cycles and autoclave sterilisation processes at 134º C for 4 minutes. This was followed by all the certification tests.
If the fabric is not subjected to a sterilisation process, its durability can increase to more than double the number of cycles.

Extremely lightweight fabric (135grm2) with Absorprotec technology.
Two functions in a single garment: a great ability for absorption with 315ml/m2 for operational liquids which are retained in the gown and do not run to the ground and >1000 cm/H2O level of impermeability.

It can be washed at a temperature of 60 or 75ºC without losing its qualities and dried in a tumble dryer with a standard temperature of 60-80ºC. It does not need to be ironed.

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