Study shows the antibacterial efficacy of Elsanek Olefine technology

A study conducted at the Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, has demonstrated the superior protection of Olefine technology in reducing bacterial particles present in the air in surgical operating theatres. The study compares the values of colony forming units (CFUs) when garments used in surgical areas are made with common fabrics and those made with Olefine fabrics.

Surgeons’ standard garment systems are made up of blended fabrics (in the clothing referenced in the study: 69% cotton, 30% polyester and 1% carbon fibre) while the fabrics with Olefine technology are manufactured with 98% Olefine and 2% carbon fibre. The reduction in airborne CFUs is significantly reduced when the surgical team is equipped with an Olefine garment system, thus achieving a reduction of up to 67%.

The study also shows the extra protection that comes from the use of special boots in Olefine systems by comparing, on the one hand, samples with clean cotton socks and disinfected plastic shoes, and on the other, boots that cover shoes up to the knee. If boots are added, the number of colonies is reduced by 67% compared to work performed without this extra protection. This means that the Olefine option with boots offers superior protection, with CFU levels that are almost 10 times lower than those to be found in a standard garment system, therefore providing superior guarantees in the reduction of infection risks in operating theatres.

Consult the full study published in European Journal of Parenteral & Pharmaceutical Sciences: “Some aspects of protective efficacy of surgical clothing systems concerning airborne microorganisms based on results from measurements in a dispersal chamber and during surgical procedures”


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