Arrowlock Bib

Babero para geriátricos Babero Arrowlock de Jonel

Arrowlock Bib

The most cost-effective, hygienic and safest solution on the market for hospitals and nursing homes

Why Arrowlock? 5 Compelling Reasons

  1. Anti-catch fastener: No Velcro that catches on other clothing, or fastening straps that residents pull off and which get stuck together on washing. The Arrowlock fastener eliminates problems caused by fastening systems.
  2. Anti-pull fastener: Residents cannot pull the bib off. The Arrowlock design locks the bib in place even if it is pulled down brusquely at the front.
  3. Easy to take off: Just lift the fastener flap to remove the bib easily
  4. Adaptable: Two fastening systems to help ensure that residents do not get dirty.
  5. Elsanek fabric: Made with exclusive, highly-absorbent, water-resistant Elsanek fabric. More comfortable, more resistant and more durable than any other cotton bib.

For special sizes or any other queries please contact our sales department.


Backed with special anti-wear fabric.

Front made with Absorprotect technology, exclusive to Elsanekk.

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