Elsanek Uniformtech 125


Clothing for the health care sector and for use in operating theatres, clean rooms, laboratories etc…


  • Repel particles of dust and comply with the requirements of clean rooms.
  • To minimise the risk of infections in operating theatres and in health centres.


  • Hypo-allergenic fabric. Prevents allergic reactions upon contact with the skin.
  • Innovative technology that extracts moisture away from the body to the outside by capillarity.
  • The user feels comfortable and does not sweat. The soft touch of the fibres demonstrates the high quality of this hypo-allergenic fabric.
  • ELSANEK125, is an antibacterial and anti-static fabric capable of maintaining its performance throughout its useful life.
  • No pilling.
  • Original colour does not fade.
  • Permanent antacid fabric.


The certification of standard EN13795 guarantees the high quality of this product after 300 industrial washings.

The levels of resistance to microbial penetration when dry (CFU) are 10 times less than the limit required by the regulations.

Cost effectiveness:

ELSANEK125 has a weight per m2 that is 30% less compared to conventional fabrics. This considerably reduces the costs of laundering. This product requires very low temperature washing and less time than conventional products for the drying process. Energy savings in laundering are of great significance.

EN-13795400-500 washes

Available Colours


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