Elsanek Uniformtech 150 (Mask fabric)


Used exclusively for the manufacture of reusable hygienic masks.


  • Prevents the spread of disease, as required by hygiene mask regulations.
  • Repels micro-particles of dust and meets the standards of clean rooms thanks to its electrostatic charge dissipation capability.
  • Minimises the risk of infection.
  • Reusable and washable fabric


  • Elsanek’s Olefine Technology: 0% Cotton – 0% Hydrophilic fibres
  • Hypo-allergenic fabric. Prevents allergic reactions during skin contact.
  • Innovative technology that extracts moisture outwards through capillary action.
  • The user feels comfortable and without perspiration. The soft feel of the fibres demonstrates the high quality of this hypo-allergenic fabric.
  • 150ELSANEK is an anti-static, anti-bacterial fabric capable of maintaining its performance throughout its service life.
  • No pilling.
  • It never loses its original colour.
  • Permanent anti-acid fabric.
  • Fully recyclable


  • EN14683 Bacterial filtration efficiency of 93.38 BFE +/- 4.81 %
  • EN14683 Breathability: Differential pressure 32.6 +/-1 Pa/cm2

Value for money:

ELSANEK 150 has a weight/m2 that is 30% less in comparison with conventional fabrics, which considerably reduces washing costs. This product requires a very low temperature and less time than conventional products in the drying process. The energy savings in laundry services are very significant.

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